Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Style of your hair
Shape of your eyes and nose
The way that you stare
As if you see right through to my soul
It's your left hand
And the way that it's not quite as big as your right
The way you stand in the mirror
Before we go out at night
Our quiet time
Your beautiful mind
They're all part of the list, things that i miss
Things like your funny little laugh
Or the way you smile, or the way we kiss
What i notice is this
I come up with something new
Every single time that i sit and reminisce
The way your sweet smell
Lingers when you left the room
Stories you tell as we lay in bed all afternoon
I dream you now every night
In my mind is where we meet
And when i'm awake
I'm staring at pictures of you asleep
Touching your face
Invading your space
And you live in my memories
Forever more i swear
And you live in my memories
Forever more i swear


Syafiq Rosli said...

nice song..:)

Sallehudin Said said...

Wahh !
best lagu ni ..
memang lagu neyo sume aku ade .. XD

+sHiR+sLiCk+ said...

thx all.. :)