Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i dont know why T_T

You're like a rocket in my mind
That's waiting to define everything about me no one knew
And you stick like a poster on my wall
As if you dont wanna move

I got no money in my pocket

Nobody to rock with but you
But you know me I don't seem to roll
Somehow we managed to get through

People come and people go

And people gonna come some more
They pick a fight
But it's alright
At least I get to see you tonight

I can't believe we almost got famous for nothing baby

You came the last minute of to save me
I can't believe we almost got paid for nothing baby
Cause even if they go away
I got the feeling that you're gonna stay

It's like I'm picking up a miracle off the sidewalk

Like kitten in the box
Don't contemplate yourself, you say
Cause you're all you've got
I'm a and pathetic
At the same time unlike you
Baby you've got no move
And you think I'm good at what I do

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